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CCTV Camera Installation in Pune

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Security solution for your home & office

Best Security CCTV Installers in Pune

Keep an eye on every activity that happens in your absence, and stay relaxed! Keep your home and offices under 24*7 security surveillance!

About Us

Premium Quality CCTV Camera Installation

Sonic distributor is a name you can trust and rely on for your all-around security devices and solutions. We deal in premium CCTV camera brands and surveillance systems, offering services to homes, offices and enterprises.

  • Customized Solutions
  • Complete Coverage
  • Premium Quality CCTV Cameras
  • Real-time available Alerts
  • Affordable
  • Maintenance and Technical Support

What We Provide


Tubular Batteries

Luminous tubular plate inverter battery for home offers complete satisfaction during power cuts.


Security Cameray

Security cameras address these and other home surveillance needs so that you can go about your life...



Say Good bye to power cuts when you need the most, be it during summer times at home or ...

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CCTV Security On The Way

Invest in technology that truly protects your loved ones, offers added layers of property protection, deters intruders and alerts you on potential threats in time.


What We Provide


Genuine Products

Top Premium Brands,
100% genuine,
advanced technologies.


Camera Networks

We use state-of-art Network as it is critical to the performance of the overall security system.



Our CCTV solutions have secured companies, offices and Housing Societies for more than a decade.


Prompt Service

Our team is professional, trained & well-equipped available at your service 24*7. Call us now!


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Core Level Features

High Resolution

We provide you premium CCTV camera solutions that feature high-resolution sensors, able to capture detailed images and video footage, enabling you to identify subjects and objects better.

Wide Dynamic Range

Varying light levels in your area? No worries, Our CCTV installation solutions offer a wide dynamic range feature (WDR) that captures identify the object and captures a detailed image.

Video analytics systems with
smart cctv

Video analytics systems with
smart cctv

Remote Access

The option enables you to view and control your camera from any device; computer, laptop, or mobile device. Keep your home and business under 24*7 and control security from anywhere in the world.

Intelligent Video Analytics

We offer CCTV cameras that feature Intelligent video analytics such as people counting, facial recognition, motion detection, object detection, tracking and more.

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